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The SCOUT is an innovation of  the library circulation program RFID for security and identification systems.

The SCOUT is a self service system for libraries. It offers the customer/patron the possibility to borrow, return and renew items without the interception of the library staff.

The SCOUT is a compact unit which can be adapted to the needs of the library. The identification of patrons and items can be done by barcode or wireless identification (RFID). It offers maximum flexibility with a configuration tool. This tool can be accessed by a random PC via the local Library Network or through Internet and it also offers vast diagnostic options.

  • Ergonomic and efficient design
  • Fast interaction through 15-inch touch screen
  • Different languages
  • Clear pictures and animations
  • Customized printer lay-out
  • Reactivating and deactivating EM strips
  • TCP/IP Connection
  • Host communication SIP 1 / 2
  • Operating system embedded Windows XP
  • Flash updatable
  • Wear resistant surface to ensure durability and long product life
  • EAS-bit of the RFID tag can be set or reset (RFID security), AFI byte prepared
  • The ID of a book item can be read from the RFID tag in the book item (item-ID identification)
  • Identifies all major 13.56MHz, ISO 15693 compliant transponders, Tag-it, ICode SLI, Pico Pass and is compatible with all major RF tags.
  • Patron cards ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 like Philips I code SLI or Mifaire

  • Height: 620 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Depth: 437 mm
  • Weight: 34.1 kg

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