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The People Counter offers extra functionality to the Library antenna's and can be integrated in any Dialoc ID antenna system or added to already installed Dialoc ID antennas.

The People Counter works as follows; an infra red light transmitter- and receiver module is built into both antenna's of a gate. The receiver detects interruption of the transmitted light beam by a passing visitor, containing the counting data which is logged via a hand terminal. The hand terminal is connected to a PC with software to display figures or tables of counter information per gate.

The People Counter hand terminal logs counter information from any antenna which contains the people counter infra red modules to a maximum of 16 antennas. The hand terminal is simply pointed to the infra red eye in the antenna's, making the log session an easy wireless job. After logging all people counter modules, the hand terminal is connected to a PC which contains software to show the counter information in graphics and tables.

The People Counter equipment with manual collecting of the records consists of built in modules, a Read Out Control, cable and software


The minimum software requirements are: 
  • Windows 9x, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000
  • Minimum memory: 64 MB
  • Minimum hard disk space: 50 MB.
  • At least one available COM-port
  • CD-ROM player
  • Microsoft Excel (if you want to export the data to Excel)

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