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Dialoc ID Security paper labels (stickertags) are compatible with all 8.2 MHz detection systems. Unlike conventional labels, our die-cut labels are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner without the use of chemicals - a green, competitively priced option. The labels themselves are resistant to moisture detuning, and clients can also opt for unique waterproof labels if desired.

We encourage you to experience the difference our products can make firsthand.

Standard size die-cut label for general use Unlike etched labels, the detection range is not affected by moisture such as that generated by a human body.

Specially made die-cut labels for grocery products such as meat and fish packages, spirits, beverages, refrigerated and frozen foods, cheese, etc. that are in direct contact with moisture

Specially made labels based on requests from bookstores, a die-cut label with custom reusable adhesive so the label can be removed from paper without damage. The label is placed between pages and customer can remove it after deactivation

Dialoc label is compatible with every 8.2MHz RF detection system

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