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Mono Check-out is a closed-antenna system equipped with superior grade electronics to select the perfect antenna design for maximum loss-prevention in any store check-out environment.

Mono Check-out is specially designed to operate in a diverse range of check-out environments, such as supermarkets, department and discount stores.

Mono Check-out system is a single-antenna, anti-shoplifting system that operates on radio frequency (RF) 8.2 MHz pulse technology. Its microprocessor-controlled electronics offer excellent detection on both sides of the system.

Even though the Mono Check-out system is a single-antenna system, advanced digital electronics mean customers can create a multiple antenna set-up, independent of the number of check-outs. The Mono Check-out system features auto-adjusting sensitivity and random noise reduction, delivering superior detection performance. Slaving with RF systems based on sweeping technology is not possible.

Mono Check-out system configuration has a grey front panel, which can be finished in any colour to match your corporate identity.


Antenna Dimensions:
  • Height : 1404 mm
  • Width : 404 mm
  • Depth : 52 mm
 Antenna Base Dimensions:
  • Height : 12 mm
  • Width : 404 mm
  • Depth : 10 mm
Antenna Construction:
  • Frame : Hard Aluminium / standard Grey
  • Weight : 13,0 kg


Both side of the antenna :  
  • 1.00 – 1.20 meter when Dialoc ID’s Midi Delta (50) tags are used.
  • 0.75 – 0.90 meter when 5x5 sticker tags are used.
  • 0.60 – 0.75 meter when 4x4 sticker tags are used.


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