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Midi Delta tag choose the best tag for your store.

Because they know the quality of an RF hard tag plays a vital role in the success of any security system, Dialoc ID has developed the Midi Delta tags.

The Midi Delta tag is manufactured using the highest quality, durable, lightweight ABS plastic. The ultra smooth surface and angular design means that thieves cannot easily grip the tag to force removal. The special shape will hang uniformly on fashion items and the ABS surface is resistant to dirt and grime, maintaining a ‘new’ appearance for the life of the tag.

The high quality locking mechanism ensures reliable pin insertion and lock release even after long periods of frequent use.

The Midi Delta tag is easy to apply and releases quickly on application of the MCD detacher. For added security, we offer Midi Delta/S tags that contain a powerful super-lock which standard industrial magnets cannot open. Only the MCD/S detacher will work.

  • Diameter: 50


Innovative, three dimensional detection coils create superb detection in all orientations.
  • DC Systems Standard : Midi Delta Tag standard and S version 8,2 HMz :  1.40-1.60 m
  • DC Systems Premium : Midi Delta Tag standard and S version 8,2 HMz : 1.60-2.00 m

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