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The Ellipse 2020 is a proven and established system in the range of Dialoc ID EM systems, designed to create   optimal effectiveness for security in any library environment.

The Ellipse 2020 system is specially developed to be installed in libraries. Its streamlined design integrates effectively into any environment.

The Ellipse 2020 accurately identifies unauthorized removals of library materials. The system takes full advantage of the latest advancements in the field of electromagnetic technology in both electronics sophistication and antenna design.

  • Fully digital configuration (DSP).
  • Visual and audio alarm.
  • Advanced electromagnetic EM technology.
  • Switch Capacitor Filtering (SCF).
  • Safe for magnetic media.
  • Multiple gate solutions possible.

Antenna Dimensions:
  • Height : 1812 mm
  • Width top : 460 mm
  • Width bottom : 748 mm
  • Depth : 44 mm
 Antenna Base Dimensions:
  •  Height : 10 mm
  •  Width : 795 mm
  •  Depth : 100 mm
Antenna Construction:
  • Frame : polyurethane with dove grey finish
  • Electronic base Cover : ABS Grey
  • Weight : 22 kg
  • Between 80-120 cm, depending on the type and size of EM tag
  • People counter.
  • Removable antenna base

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