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The LCS Pro is an innovation of the library circulation program Hybrid for security and identification systems.

The LCS Pro hybrid is designed for EM security (reactivating and deactivating EM strips), RFID security (EAS-bit, setting and resetting) and item-ID identification

  • Ergonomic and efficient design
  • Multifunctional unit which enhances lending and returning procedures at the circulation desk
  • Easy to operate by library staff
  • Optical status indicator for lending and returning process
  • Optical status indicator detects the status of the security strip
  • RS-232 interface for communication with library circulation software
  • Wear resistant surface to ensure durability and long product life
  • EAS-bit of the RFID tag can be set or reset (RFID security)
  • The ID of a book item can be read from the RFID tag in the book item (item-ID identification)

  • Height: 140 mm
  • Width: 345 mm
  • Length: 510 mm
  • Weight: 10.5 kg

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