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  • Dimension 800 is a fully integrated library system in the market.
  • This complete state-of-art library solution, based on standards, reflects the LibBest philosophy of flexibility and ease of use.
  • Based on the Microsoft SQL Server database, provide full Unicode support, XML management reports, and API links to other top-tier application.
  • New Generation Technology – Completely Web-based, client run on browser.
  • Web-based Application –, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, Web-Printing Supported.
  • Multi-lingual Support – Full Unicode (UTF-8) Support.
  • Standard Compliant – Marc21, UNI-Marc, ISO2709, Z39.50, MARCXML.
  • Flexible – System modules can be tailored to meet the requirement of your library.
  • Customizable – Modifiable parameter enable libraries of any type to create unique management system of their own.
  • Reliable – Multi-tier Client/Server structure guarantees that will meet your needs now and in the future.
  • Multi-Libraries Support – Suitable for Large Scale Library and Multi-Libraries Library.
  • 64 bits Operating System Support – Libraries have choice to run under 32 or 64 bits computer and database.
  • User-Friendly – Clutter-free screens put it all at your fingertips for quick learning.
  • Quick Cataloging – Catalog with speed and efficiency. Instantly access to many open website MARC records.
  • Quick Cataloging – Catalog with speed and efficiency.
  • Configurable – Flexible design of functions and reports lets you be in control.
  • Low-Maintenance – Software backups, updates, and maintenance are centrally managed.
  • Capable – Retrieve real-time library data faster than ever before.
  • Browser Accessible – Access to library resources anytime, anywhere.
  • Search Friendly – Visual (graphical) or text-based searching.
  • Flexible – Customize Dimension 800 to fit your library’s policies, holdings, etc.
  • Convenient – Available wherever, you can access the Internet via a browser.
  • Powerful – The power of the Internet with a SQL Database provides robust performance.

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