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Seamless integration of the Acquisitions/ Serials Module makes ordering, invoicing, claiming, and receipt of all materials easy and efficient. The Acquisitions Order Form enables staff to add ad-hoc text to be included on purchase order forms.

Dimension 800 supports a hierarchical budget structure with an unlimited range of funds and budget types - gifts, grants, and departmental budgets. A sophisticated, secure mechanism controls access to budgets on a global or individual basis.

Dimension 800 performs conversions of foreign currencies to the local currency. The invoicing component enables institutions to issue VAT/GST reports according to local regulations.

  • Optionally generates item records when staff create orders.
  • Creates an audit trail in an order log, recording all ordering, receiving, and invoicing-related activities.
  • The log includes the date, time, and name of the person performing the action.
  • Defers orders when the cost is not covered by budget.
  • Alerts staff when materials ordered cost more than expected.
  • Earmarks orders for direct supply to a specific address, personal or institutional.

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