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Checking-in and sorting out library materials takes the library staff a lot of time. Based on its versatility the Transporter is the solution for libraries that want to automate this check-in and sorting process. Based on extensive experience we developed the Transporter, a collecting and sorting unit.

It can be equipped with one or more returning points and with five or more sorting categories. The Transporter saves library staff a lot of time.

The Transporter takes care of the returned materials in a fast and easy way. The returning point of the transporter recognizes library materials (books or AV materials) with a RFID tag and opens the letterbox. The customer inserts the materials whereupon a confirmation on the 17-inch screen appears. At the end of the session the customer receives a receipt of the returned items.

The returning point can also be installed outside the library. This provides customers with the possibility to return materials even when the library is closed. As a result, customer service is extended in an easy and friendly way.

  • Total high speed solution.
  • Fast and easy check-in.
  • Flexible and modular concept.
  • Remote maintenance for optimal uptime.
  • Reduction of labor hours.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Also available as book drop.
  • Expendable to more return point and up to 11 bins.

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