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The Spinel Shelf is a unique innovative solution for customers to return books. It is a solution were people can return library items in a bookshelf and the RFID tags are read and processed into the Library Management System. In the Library Management System items are returned and displayed on the screen on the Spinel Shelf.

Returned items can be borrowed a few seconds after they are returned which is interesting for customer because the books are ‘hot’. In addition these books don’t have to be transported into the library , which saves labor hours.

  • Little space for many books (1 Smart Shelf can store up to 160 items).
  • Easy to use for customer s and staff members.
  • Returned books can be borrowed directly.
  • The Library hotspot for customers.
  • Saves labor time.
  • Easy installation.
  • Optional use as a conversion shelf.
  • User-friendly for customers.
  • Complete return option.
  • Terminal technology and 1Watt readers for lower power consumption (environmentally friendly).
  • SIP2 compatible.
  • Reads 13.58MHz.
  • Supports Data model ISO 28560.
  • Support the AFI protocol.
  • Certification CE.

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