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Library and Retail Security Solutions:

ZMC, LLC has over 20 years of experience in security systems.  ZMC will evaluate and identify the appropriate security system to fit your needs, such as RFID, EM, or a Hybrid system. Our goal is to provide with the best security system to secure and protect your library resources, equipment, and facility.
Book Drop, Return and Sorting Solutions:

ZMC offers a variety of different technologies to solve your book drop, return book, and sorting book solutions.  These systems will provide logistic efficiency and instant availability of all library resources.
Library Software Management System Solutions:

ZMC offers software to identify each item using multiple key search words. This software will provide user friendly, quick, and easy access for all library resources.
Library Barcode Solutions:

ZMC offers the latest technological and cost efficient barcodes.  It allows real time data to be collected accurately and quickly.  The combination of barcodes with the appropriate hardware and application software creates performance and productivity.

Library Furniture Solutions:

The new breed of today’s library is a far cry from the historical model.  Libraries now house cafes, lounge areas, presentation spaces, and plenty of computer and study areas. ZMC offers a wide range of efficient, functional, and stylish furniture to fit a variety of library needs.
Library Consultancy:

ZMC consultants are dedicated to providing practical, efficient solutions for all your library needs.  Our consultants will evaluate, plan, coordinate, design, recommend and implement the appropriate solutions.
Education Books:

ZMC partners with major United States and European publishing companies to offer the largest selection of education books at the most competitive prices.

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